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Challenge Escape Rooms

Challenge Escape Rooms in Franklin Square, NY offers endless hours of entertainment to visitors of all ages. With a variety of different rooms and scenarios to choose from, this is the perfect place for a night out for individuals, couples, and families alike. Each room requires players to work as a team in order to crack codes, solve puzzles, and find hidden objects in order to win the game before their time runs out. Challenge Escape Rooms provides a truly unforgettable experience with fun and excitement at every turn. Perfectly designed and staffed by passionate professionals, it is no surprise that they have become the local hotspot for interactive entertainment!

What To Do

Looking for a unique form of entertainment? Challenge Escape Rooms is where you should be headed! Offering four different escape room scenarios, Challenge Escape Rooms can provide hours of enjoyment and stimulation as you work with your friends to solve puzzles, uncover clues and crack codes to ultimately complete the “mission” of each room. Breakout from jail cells, find lost treasures in ancient tombs, or explore a haunted manor – the choice is yours! With its well-thought out mind-boggling riddles and immersive atmosphere, a visit to Challenge Escape Rooms is sure to leave your family and friends talking about it long after you’ve all gone home.


According to reviews, Challenge Escape Rooms offers an immersive and thrilling experience. From puzzles based on popular movies to zombie-infested scenarios, the diverse attractions of this location provide something for everyone. Guests can opt for different levels of intensity depending on how much they would like to challenge themselves by participating in activities such as time-limited room escapes and team building experiences. With knowledgeable staff present to guide guests through their adventures, visitors can look forward to an unforgettable time at Challenge Escape Rooms.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Challenge Escape Rooms make sure you book in advance. The rooms require some amount of puzzle-solving skill, wit and keen observation, so it is always better to book early and bring along friends or family members to tackle the puzzles together. These escape rooms also offer different levels of experience so there is something for everyone. The facilities are well maintained and each room provides an entertaining yet mind-challenging environment. When visiting these rooms make sure that you arrive 15 minutes before your booked time to ensure everything runs smoothly during your entertainment session.

Overall, Challenge Escape Rooms located offers an immersive escape room experience like no other in the area. With challenging puzzles, themes to explore and a variety of rooms to choose from, guests are sure to have a thrilling time that they won’t soon forget. Even experienced players are likely to find new surprises every visit, making Challenge Escape Room an ideal destination for those looking for fun and adventure.


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