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Franklin Square North

Franklin Square North is located in Franklin Square, New York. This vibrant community is filled with unique attractions that are sure to make it one of your favorite places. There are many parks and fields to choose from, allowing residents to gather together for outdoor activities such as playing sports or hosting family cookouts. The plentiful shopping options give local businesses an opportunity to thrive and the excellent schools provide educational opportunities for the children of the community. Furthermore, the cultural events hosted by Franklin Square North let residents celebrate their diversity. The blend of both modern amenities and classic charm make Franklin Square North a perfect place to call home.


Franklin Square North is home to a range of different demographic groups. With a Hispanic population accounting for nearly 40% of the area’s total population, it provides an excellent example of the growing diversity found throughout Long Island. Meanwhile, the neighborhood also has a strong African-American presence with approximately 17% of its residents identifying as such. Much like the other neighborhoods surrounding Franklin Square North, this particular area is known for its variety in terms of age with nearly one-third of total residents under the age of 18 and two-fifths being adults aged between 25 and 44. Overall, Franklin Square North serves as an emblematic illustration of how Long Island continues to evolve into a truly multicultural landscape.


The schools in the Franklin Square North provide an exemplary educational experience for their pupils. With a range of preschools and elementary schools focused on coaching children through self-discipline and rigorous academics, students of all ages can receive the education they need to become successful adults. Secondary schools also offer unique programs such as college prep, special education services, advanced math courses, and career counseling to help teenagers explore their future aspirations. Beyond formal learning opportunities within buildings, students have access to playgrounds and outdoor areas where physical activity and exploration outside of the classroom can foster creativity and problem-solving. There is no doubt that excellent learning opportunities are available in the Franklin Square North community; young minds are sure to flourish when given a chance to take advantage of them!


Franklin Square North offers visitors many different attractions to experience. From its freshly designed pocket parks to its popular local restaurants, there is something to enchant everyone. Adventurers can explore the nearby Hempstead Lake State Park with its picturesque picnic areas, playgrounds and trails – perfect for hiking or biking. And because it’s only minutes away from downtown Long Island, day trips to historic sites and lively entertainment venues are within easy reach. Whether you’re looking for a place to stretch your legs or just seeking a quiet spot to while away the hours, Franklin Square North has something special in store that will make your trip truly unforgettable.

Overall, Franklin Square North is an excellent location to call home. It has many local amenities such as a public park, nearby schools and good access to transportation. The neighborhood also has a sense of community, with many neighbors that look out for each other. There is something for everyone in this diverse area, from its quiet tree-lined streets to its abundance of shops and restaurants. Overall, Franklin Square North has much to offer residents looking for a safe place to raise a family or simply enjoy living.


However, if you’re in the market for a great place to settle down and call home, Franklin Square South could be exactly what you are looking for. Located within the borough of Long Island, this neighborhood is quiet but full of life. There are lots of restaurants and shopping centers nearby as well as plenty of opportunities for recreational activities such as biking, swimming and golfing. If you value your quality of life, then look no further than this lively little town.

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