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Franklin Square Northwest

Franklin Square Northwest is an up-and-coming neighborhood within the larger Franklin Square, New York area. Despite its relatively small size and population, Franklin Square Northwest offers an eclectic array of shops and restaurants that draw people in from all surrounding towns. From the exotic flavors of a well-known pan-Asian eatery to the unique boutiques dotted along the main street, there truly is something for everyone here! Whether you are looking to experience their renowned eateries or browse boutique shops, residents of Franklin Square Northwest can extend a warm welcome.


The neighborhood of Franklin Square Northwest is a community with rich cultural and ethnic diversity. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, it had a population of 12,351 people in 3,800 households. Majority of the population (85%) were White non-Hispanics; Black or African Americans made up 5%, followed by Asians and Hispanic or Latinos at 4% each. 6% identified with some other racial background. Around 54% of the households had children under 18 living with them and 43% were married couples living together. The median age for residents was 39 years old and 81% were citizens born in the United States. Representing many cultures and walks of life, Franklin Square Northwest stands out as an example of a modern American neighborhood on Long Island’s Nassau County.


Education in Franklin Square Northwest is one of the best in the state of New York. The unified school district offers a wide range of educational opportunities to its students, from preschool all the way through high school. Students in this part of town have access to some of the top-ranked public schools in the country, as well as an array of faith-based and other private schools. The district takes great pride in ensuring that each and every student has access to a quality education where they can grow and develop their skills to reach their fullest potential. With a supportive and comprehensive educational system, Franklin Square Northwest is an ideal place to raise a family as it completely envelopes its youth with quality education–a fact that many are proud to define it by.


Franklin Square Northwest is a vibrant and buzzing neighborhood that has something to offer any traveler. With its convenient location off the Meadowbrook Parkway, it’s easily accessible by car and public transportation. The main attraction here is definitely Gino’s Italian Ices, where visitors can cool off with sweet treats throughout the summer months. Other great places to explore include Adventureland amusement park, Eisenhower Golf Course, and numerous shopping opportunities at nearby stores. Those looking for a taste of the local culture should check out the Franklin Square Historical Society museum, which offers an in-depth look into the area’s storied past. With all these fun activities, anyone hoping for an enjoyable tour of Franklin Square will surely not be disappointed!

Overall, Franklin Square Northwest is a wonderful neighborhood to live in. It boasts great schools, easy access to public transportation and plenty of places to shop or eat. The people who call this neighborhood home are friendly and welcoming, making it an enjoyable place to live. If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable area that provides plenty of opportunities for both leisure and personal growth, then Franklin Square Northwest is definitely the neighborhood for you!


In addition, if you’re looking for a place to call home, then look no further than Hempstead. Nestled in the heart of the Long Island region, this vibrant neighborhood offers modern amenities and countless entertainment opportunities. From stylish restaurants to local shopping experiences to parks filled with lush greenery, Hempstead offers something for everyone. For many families, Hempstead provides an ideal setting for raising children close enough to NYC but also where a feeling of community and small-town vibes are still alive and well. If you’re considering calling this charming neighborhood home, then make sure to come explore all that it has to offer!

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