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Franklin Square South

Franklin Square South, located in the bustling neighborhood of Franklin Square, NY, is a pleasant residential area of the town. It accounts for an impressive number of assets that most neighborhoods crave while still maintaining a sense of peace and community connectivity. Homeowners enjoy convenient access to several important amenities and local attractions; schools, community centers, parks, banks and multiple shopping options are all within easy reach of this suburban refuge. Residents also benefit from quick commutes to larger cities for employment or entertainment opportunities thanks to its close proximity to nearby highways and plentiful public transportation options. All these features come together to make Franklin Square South a perfect section of Franklin Square for any individual or family looking for a friendly home base in New York.


According to the most recent census data, there are approximately 11,000 people living in Franklin Square South. 45% are Caucasian, 35% are Hispanic or Latino, 13% are Asian-American and 4% identify as African American. In addition to the population density, a majority of people within these demographics in Franklin Square South own their home (59%), while 36% rent and 5% occupy other dwellings such as single room occupancies. Families with children make up 25%, and are served by five schools: two public elementary schools and one Magnet school which is affiliated with Nassau BOCES, as well as two private academies.


Franklin Square South is home to some of the best educational opportunities in New York. The region boasts several top-rated public and private schools, as well as a wide variety of specialized academic programs that provide both traditional and unique learning experiences. With numerous libraries and museums close by as well, students have access to great resources to help build their knowledge base outside the classroom. Education is also bolstered by an active parent community that works hard to ensure quality lessons and mentor their children through the difficult transitions of college or career path selection. Teachers here work closely with parents to develop tailored approaches to each individual student so that all can strive for success according to their own goals.


According to its city officials, Franklin Square South is considered one of the greatest tourist attractions in New York. It showcases a variety of architectural masterpieces from a wide array of time periods, becoming one of the best spots for taking pictures and beautiful landscapes. Additionally, it features historical landmarks such as lighthouses, scenic parks, and churches accented by lovely gardens -all presented with fantastic views looking out onto the harbor. Tourists can find many restaurants offering local delicacies and even explore cultural centers filled with vibrant art galleries guaranteed to leave an unforgettable impression!

Overall, Franklin Square South is a great place to live. It’s conveniently located close to Roosevelt Field Mall, many small shops and businesses, as well as a host of other amenities. Families in the area can enjoy large parks, pools and recreational centers at nearby John F Burns Park and Westmont Park. The schools are excellent, with students scoring well on standardized tests compared to the national average. With a variety of commuting options through trains and buses, getting anywhere in the area or even New York City is very easy. Overall, Franklin Square South provides an excellent sense of community while also having access to all that Long Island has to offer.


Additionally, Franklin Square Southwest is an ideal location for anyone looking to move to the Nassau area. If you want a convenient commute into New York City and still be away from all the hustle and bustle of city living, then this neighborhood could be the perfect fit. On top of its convenience to nearby urban centers, it is also home to some fantastic local businesses such as small restaurants and cafes, making it a great place to explore during times of leisure. Franklin Square Southwest is truly the ideal destination for anyone looking for the perfect balance of city life and suburban comfort.

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