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Franklin Square Southwest

Franklin Square Southwest is a cute and cozy neighborhood located in the town of Franklin Square, New York. It offers an array of amenities such as great restaurants, shopping malls, parks, and schools. Home to many families, this safe community has something for everyone—from coffee shops where locals can chat with one another over coffee or pastries to large parks and playgrounds where kids can safely play after school. Apart from local spots, there are also plenty of fun activities nearby like bowling alleys and movie theaters that the whole family can enjoy. Whether you’re looking for a place to call home or just visiting for the sights and sounds, Franklin Square Southwest is the perfect destination for making lasting memories!


Franklin Square Southwest is vibrant. It is home to over 10,000 people from a variety of backgrounds. According to recent census estimates, approximately 63% of the population identifies as white, 18% identify as Hispanic or Latino, and 17% identify as Black or African American. Additionally, the median household income of Franklin Square Southwest was nearly $76k in 2019. Families with children under age 18 are particularly prevalent in Franklin Square Southwest – 33% of all households have at least one minor living there. Finally, the median age of residents living in the area is 38 years old. Overall, Franklin Square Southwest has it all!


Education in Franklin Square Southwest is very important to the community. It offers a variety of options including top-rated neighborhood schools, private and charter schools, as well as relatively easy access to colleges and universities. The Franklin Square School District serves elementary, middle, and high school students in the community with highly rated programs and extensive extracurricular activities. Additionally, several private schools such as South Shore Christian Academy offer a faith-based alternative education for local families. Beyond the traditional schooling systems there are also specialized educational opportunities available for those interested in professional growth or career advancement. College and university pathways are likewise accessible from this idyllic neighborhood, making it an attractive and academically sound choice for anyone looking to pursue higher education or specialize their skillset.


Franklin Square Southwest is an up and coming neighborhood that offers plenty of great spots for tourists. You’ll find classic American diners and a variety of delicious, traditional Italian restaurants. There’s also the Franklin Square cinema where you can catch all the newest blockbusters or an old time favorite while noshing on some popcorn. Nature enthusiasts flock from far and wide to explore the lush outdoor space offered near Santa Fe Lake and Triangle Park. Each park boasts exciting opportunities for hiking, boating, fishing, biking, kayaking, or just enjoying nature in general! This vibrant corner of New York caters to anyone looking for a unique tourist experience with all the amenities of any big city destination.

Overall, Franklin Square Southwest is an excellent neighborhood with a great sense of community. It is situated in the heart of New York’s historic downtown, making local attractions and amenities even more accessible. The atmosphere of the area is both vibrant and relaxed, allowing residents to experience a peaceful lifestyle while still being able to go out and enjoy the city’s many restaurants, bars, shops and parks. The people who live in this neighborhood are friendly and welcoming which make it a wonderful place to call home. Overall, Franklin Square Southwest is a great option for those looking for an enjoyable place to reside!


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