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Franklin Square West

Franklin Square West is a vibrant neighborhood in Franklin Square, NY. Residents enjoy their proximity to the original Franklin Square Park, where they can go for walks and explore its many attractions such as the carousel and mini golf course. Events and festivals frequented by residents of this quaint area are year-round highlights for people of all ages. From the Spring Fling held in April each year to seasonal outdoor movie nights, there’s always something new to discover in Franklin Square West! Additionally, it’s just a short drive to popular destinations like Jones Beach or Equinox Adventure Park if you’re looking for more adventure. With diverse amenities and tons of activities, Franklin Square West is a wonderful place to call home.


Franklin Square West is a diverse and vibrant neighborhood that serves as an important asset to the larger city of NY. It is well known for its attractive residential quality and has seen a steady influx of young professionals in recent years. The population of Franklin Square West consists of people from all different backgrounds – families, singles, elderly citizens – who share the same enthusiasm for living in this unique community. Professionals are drawn to Franklin Square West not only for its affordability and proximity to New York City, but also for its convenience and variety of amenities. With nearly 25% of the population identifying with minority groups, this place is home to an incredible tapestry of cultures which adds to its diverse and welcoming landscape. There is no doubt that Franklin Square West is one of the most attractive places to live in all of Franklin Square, NY.


Franklin Square West is renowned for its commitment to education – in fact, the neighborhood boasts some of the best schools in the region. Education here begins early, with many families enrolling their children in pre-K programs and summer classes to ensure they start school ready to learn. The tradition continues through elementary and middle school with parents encouraging their children to join a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to stimulate learning. It’s no surprise that high schoolers looking for college prep courses come from all over Long Island for the quality academic experience available in Franklin Square West. With attentive teachers, resources and support systems that provide students with a well-rounded education, it’s no wonder that this neighborhood is so successful in educating future generations.


Franklin Square West is an unincorporated neighborhood, and it offers a plethora of worthwhile tourist attractions. Primarily made up of residential homes and small businesses, it has been home to the same strong sense of community for generations. Its tree-lined streets are truly welcoming to newcomers and those visiting for leisure. As for those seeking more active exploration, there are numerous hiking and cycling trails that offer gorgeous sights of nature as well as the lush parks scattered throughout the area. Franklin Square West is also host to a variety of unique cultural festivals that honor the traditions of its inhabitants over the years, making it a great place to learn about local customs while having fun!

Overall, Franklin Square West is an amazing neighborhood. From its great housing prices to its incredible access to public transit, there’s something here for everyone. The community is close-knit and there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy all year round both on your own and with family and friends. Overall, it’s a unique and special place that families and individual homeowners alike can appreciate.


However, if you’re looking for the perfect neighborhood to settle down and call home, look no further than Franklin Square Northwest. This friendly community offers plenty of amenities for those in the area, such as a variety of restaurants, stores, parks and more. Despite being notably close to two busy highways, there is also a wide array of recreational activities residents can take part in while respecting social distancing protocols. If nightlife interests you, you’re sure to find something in one of the nearby clubs or taverns. If safety and security are an important factor to consider with homeownership, then you can rest easy knowing that police presence is high throughout Franklin Square Northwest. All in all, it’s an ideal destination for families and individuals alike.

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