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Garden City South

Garden City South is a neighborhood located near Franklin Square, New York. The area is well-known for its unique mix of culture, history and modern amenities. Residents enjoy access to great restaurants and shopping centers within walking distance including the Eisenhower Park Shopping Center and the famed Garden City Diner. Garden City South is also home to many parks, sports fields, and other recreational theaters such as Carniege Recreation center. In addition, residents are within easy reach of downtown Manhattan, making it an ideal place for commuters. With its vibrant neighborhoods and convenience to nearby attractions, Garden City South is one of the most desirable communities in all of Franklin Square.


Garden City South is an area with great diversity. With the median age being 39 years old and equal numbers of male and female residents, Garden City South is a reflection of the United States’ population at large. Geographically diverse, you’ll find people of different backgrounds here too; 41% percent are White non-Hispanic race, 13% Asian and 8% Black or African American, providing insight as to where prospective buyers may be coming from. Income levels in the neighborhood range on average between $50k-$300k shown by stats which indicate that around 18% earn under $50K and almost 25% make over $150K, showing that this is a thriving suburb.


According to the Garden City Union Free School District, education in Garden City South, is held to a high standard. Students receive a well-rounded education that creates successful students and prepares them for the outside world. In addition to their core subjects of Math, Reading/Writing and Science, students are able to participate in music, visual arts and Mandarin language classes. According to numerous reviews online from current and past students alike, they’ve found their experiences at the schools within Garden City South to be much more than just academic. It has been said that teachers strive to make learning fun while challenging their students throughout the year. This neighborhood’s educational system appears devoted to giving its children not only an excellent curriculum but also impressions upon how best to become responsible citizens with confidence.


Garden City South is a neighborhood ripe with culture, history, and tourism opportunities. A must-see for any visitor is the classic Lido Beach, boasting stretches of sand and shoreline views that can’t be beaten. Culture enthusiasts will find great joy in the colorful array of nearby museums, such as the stunning interactive exhibits at the Museum of Science and Technology. Garden City South is also renowned for its incredible local food options provided by a community of passionate local chefs. Whether you’re looking to dine with friends or take a leisurely stroll around town, Garden City South has something special to offer all who visit!

Overall, Garden City South is a wonderful place to call home. The neighborhood sits right between Freeport and Valley Stream on Long Island and offers its residents plenty of amenities and quality living. With easy access to public parks, sports fields and local libraries, there’s no shortage of things to do in the area. Convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores are all just a stone’s throw away as well. This vibrant neighborhood provides its residents with safe streets, excellent schools and close proximity to larger city hubs for post-commute entertainment. Overall, Garden City South is a great choice for those searching for a home sweet home!


If you’re looking for a diverse and vibrant community, South Floral Park may be the perfect place for you! The neighborhood is filled with local restaurants, shops, and parks that provide plenty of activities to keep any resident busy. There’s something for everyone here; If it’s outdoor activities you desire, head over to the riverfront park – complete with a splash pad just for children! If nightlife is what you’re after, South Floral Park proudly offers an eclectic array of bars, lounges, and other social spots. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or evening at the local pub, there’s no shortage of options in this bustling part of town.

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