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Queens County Farm Museum

The Queens County Farm Museum is a nearby tourist destination in Franklin Square, NY is a great place for families and friends to explore together. Visitors can enjoy historical exhibits, farming demonstrations, and special events throughout the year. There are multiple attractions here including a greenhouse, a petting zoo with animals from around the world, an herb garden, a plant nursery, and so much more. The farm’s main barn dates back to 1697 and provides a full dimension experience showcasing early 20th-century farming equipment and tools. 

In addition to being able to stroll through the sprawling grounds and explore the different attractions that it has to offer, visitors can also enjoy fresh produce picked right onsite or purchase local food products available at its farm store. The Queens County Farm Museum makes for an enjoyable educational experience while also offering plenty of exciting opportunities all year round.

What To Do

The Queens County Farm Museum is a great stop if you’re looking for something to do with the family. Enjoy taking a tour of the grounds, including picturesque farmland, rolling hills and historic barns. Try your hand at some farm-related tasks like gathering eggs or milking a cow! Take home some of their fresh produce and see what’s in bloom in the flower field as well. 

There are historical houses on-site that range from Victorian to Dutch Colonial styles where you can learn about life before the age of technology. The 3-acre interactive Children’s petting zoo brings out animal-loving kids’ eyes to brighten up their day. Shoppers can browse through what’s available in their quaint country store and experience hands-on displays in the museum building.


The Queens County Farm Museum is the perfect destination for a day of family fun. Visitors and locals alike will be impressed by its sprawling landscapes showcasing old-fashioned agricultural traditions dating back to 1697; this piece of history awaits you! There is much to explore here, including hayrides through the bucolic grounds, picnic areas and a quaint new section featuring chickens, goats and sheep. In addition, there are seasonal corn mazes as well as sustainable gardening workshops that give visitors the opportunity to learn more about growing their own food. And to top it off, there are several events spanning from Fall Harvest Festivals to Easter egg hunts.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to the Queens County Farm Museum, there are many fun and educational things to do. A guided tour of the historic site shows visitors a look back in time at when New York was primarily rural farmland. From 18th century farmhouses to a working greenhouse, guests will be provided with an in-depth understanding of how farms were operated during that time. 

Educational events at the museum allow hands-on learning opportunities for those interested in learning traditional farming techniques and getting familiar with the different types of animals featured on the site. With its vast acreage full of plants, trees, and wildlife, the farm provides ample opportunity for nature lovers to explore and observe the various species living peacefully around them.

Overall, Queens County Farm Museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to interact with nature, explore New York history, and enjoy some of the best produce in the area. Its 47 acres of land has something for everyone, from children’s attractions such as petting zoos and mazes to adult activities like hayrides and concerts. Visitors can also take advantage of its educational opportunities to learn about sustainable farming and the importance of keeping our parks green.


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