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Floral Park Skylight Installation

Looking to shed some more light into your home? ASAP Skylight Installations is ready to take your call! Our skylight contractors have the skill and experience to handle any installation or replacement job.

Skylight Installation & Replacement Services in Floral Park, NY


Skylight Installation

Nothing beats natural lighting for adding to the beauty of your living area, and installing a skylight will bring light into the gloomy corners of your property. It will also enable you to experience the wind just by pressing a button. Now is the time if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to contact us about getting a skylight done. ASAP Skylight Installations’ professionals are available now to discuss your requirements.

We offer several varieties of skylights, including curb-mounted skylights, double-glazed windows, tempered glass, plastic glazings, and more. Skylights are an energy-efficient means of keeping your house well-lit and add a distinctive flair to an already exceptional property.


Skylight Replacement

ASAP Skylight Installations provides high-quality skylight replacement services if your old skylights aren’t operating as well as they once did. Not sure if it’s time to replace your skylights? There are several things to look for:

Age. Because old skylights lack the technology, quality, and performance capabilities of new skylights, it’s a good time to invest in skylight replacement if it’s time to replace your roof.

Discoloration. The skylights in your home should not be yellow or murky. If they are, your house is not getting enough sunshine. Rather than settling with inefficient skylights, invest in modern skylights that are clear, appealing, and completely functional.

Leaks. Water may get into your house via leaks and fractures, causing significant damage. Leaky skylights may cause stained ceilings and walls, mold and mildew development, and poor air quality, to name a few problems.


Why choose us for your skylight installation in Floral Park, NY

ASAP Skylight Installations offers expert skylight replacements and installations in Floral Park, NY. We’re the perfect team to handle any job, offering an extensive selection of glass, acrylic or polycarbonate products – so you can find exactly what your project needs! Plus our knowledgeable staff will guide you in selecting the ideal sky-lighting for both location and budget.

Read Our Reviews

Jack Rose
Jack Rose
Joe and the team did a nice job on our home. Definitely recommend for skylight installation.
Harold Rezendes
Harold Rezendes
Great work. We love our new skylights!

Need A New Skylight?

Your Floral Park Skylight Installation

Floral Park, NY is a small village located in the Town of Hempstead on Long island. This quaint little community has many attractions and a rich history to offer. Founded by John Lewis Childs in 1907, Floral Park remains as one of the few villages with its original boundaries intact. It is known for being a quiet area with minimal traffic through the streets which has kept it preserved over time. People come to visit the cozy bowling alley, Town Hall theater which hosts a variety of plays and musicals, and Jericho Turnpike Shopping Center where you can find some great local stores that serve the community. There are plenty of other wonderful aspects to explore including stunning gardens, delicious restaurants, and picturesque houses peppered around town. Any visitor will love spending time in Floral Park!


The village of Floral Park, NY is located in northeastern Nassau County and has a population of almost 16,000 people. It has a variety of different demographics for residents, including a median age of 45, an average annual household income of $105,266 dollars and an ethnicity rate that includes 78.8% white non-hispanic residents, 10.1% Hispanic residents and 6.5% Asian residents. Floral Park is home to several public parks and private facilities for its citizens to enjoy year round, as well as four distinct historic districts featured on the national register; including the Westminster Road District which is essential to understanding the village’s historical background.


Floral Park, NY is a great place to live and receive an education. The public school district offers excellent services to all of its students, with access to the latest technology and the latest teaching methods. The classes are challenging yet supportive, allowing each student to reach their maximum potential. Furthermore, the district provides extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs that help enhance the student’s educational experience outside of academics. These activities are also valuable for exposing students to different opportunities that may not be available through traditional classroom learning. There is also higher education available in Floral Park for those who wish to continue their post-secondary education after high school graduation, with community college nearby to cater for the needs of all learners. All in all, Floral Park provides quality education from start to finish!


Floral Park, NY is an ideal tourist destination for those in search of a peaceful getaway. Boasting lush greenery and easy access to the iconic Long Island coastline, this small village is known for its quaint cobblestoned parkways, historic neighborhoods, and abundance of neighborhood restaurants and shops. From visiting local landmarks like the Hempstead Plains or spending a day at Belmont Racetrack, there are plenty of activities available to immerse visitors in Floral Park’s unique culture. Nature lovers can relish in the verdant acres of nearby parks such as Cathedral Pines County Park or Eisenhower Park for leisurely walks or guided tours. Whatever your pleasure may be, Floral Park offers something for everyone to enjoy!

  • Village Center
  • Floral Park North
  • Floral Park South
  • Bellerose Terrace
  • Floral Park East